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Euroflor Product Brochure – 2022 Edition NOW AVAILABLE

Euroflor 2022 brochure launch.

This 64 page, full colour, fully illustrated publication is available free on request and showcases all the mixtures in the Euroflor range. Each mixture has a dedicated page including a pictorial illustration of how it looks in flower, the key species, characteristics (germination time/flowering period/drought resistance), flowering height, pack coverage, and sowing/flowering period.

Euroflor features Project Pollin-8, an environmental initiative of 12 mixes targeted at helping reverse the national decline in pollinating insects. Project Pollin-8 is the result of information obtained through independent research data published by the the Urban Pollinators Group, a collaborative national research programme by Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds and Reading Universities. The mixes provide a longer seasonal supply of nectar and pollen and a more diverse range of habitats, together with incredible flower displays.

A technical guide on seed bed preparation, sowing, maintenance and troubleshooting is included to help achieve the best results. Testimonials from organisations who have discovered the benefits of sowing Euroflor urban meadows are also included for example Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

An essential part of the brochure is the Identiflower section that displays and lists, both Latin and common names, all the individual species contained in the Euroflor mixture range.

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All this information is available on the dedicated Euroflor website,

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