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  • Rigby Taylor Product Brochure – Edition 21 NOW AVAILABLE (Added 14/12/21 )

    Rigby Taylor’s product range brochure is now available in both a printed and digital format. This annual brochure is the ‘go-to’ publication for professional turf managers when seeking to source and apply the very best products to maintain the health, more

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  • Rigby Taylor’s 2021 grass seed brochure is now available (Added 22/02/21 )

    Rigby Taylor’s 2021 grass seed brochure is now available in both a printed and digital format This fully illustrated publication is available as a complete brochure or in sections according to purpose for golf/bowls, sports pitches & playing fields, cricket/tennis, more

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  • Introducing the new Rigby Taylor Irrigation Catalogue (Added 8/02/21 )

    This 128 page fully illustrated catalogue, features the extensive Rain Bird irrigations products. Designed in sections to suit specific interests; Golf & other Sports Surfaces; Landscaping, Gardens & Horticulture and a General section that can be used in any system. more

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  • Covid-19 Information (Updated 10/11/2020) (Added 10/11/20 )

    Rigby Taylor is pleased to assure customers that during the current restrictions there will be no break in the support provided or to the supply of products and services. In addition, our national team of technical sales managers will continue more

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  • #ThankAGreenkeeper (Added 23/09/20 )

    This summer, golf courses have provided a safe and fun setting for an incredible number of people to get much-needed exercise and reconnect with nature. Join all of us in the industry this Wednesday 23rd September as we say thanks more

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  • Introducing Rigby Taylor’s new robotic line marker (Added 21/09/20 )

    … the future is here! Faster, lighter and cost effective, the TinyLineMarker (TLM) Sport is Rigby Taylor’s latest line marking robot introduction for the autonomous, initial marking and over-marking of sports pitches. Perfect for clubs and organisations that have single more

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  • Endosan Sanitiser Launched (Added 4/08/20 )

    Endosan is a ready to use or concentrate formulation of silver stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide for the sanitisation of any surface.  This product can be used in any situations to remove the threat of contamination and transmission of COVID19. The product more

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  • Euroflor 2020 brochure launch (Added 31/03/20 )

    This 56 page, full colour, fully illustrated publication is available free on request and showcases all the mixtures in the Euroflor range. Each mixture has a dedicated page including a pictorial illustration of how it looks in flower, the key more

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  • Introducing the Nutri-Link System (Added 31/03/20 )

    Comprising of six specially formulated liquid fertilizers, Nutri-Link has been developed specifically for use on a wide range of turf surfaces. Applied as a foliar spray, Nutri-Link solutions are taken up by both the leaf and the root and designed more

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  • BIGGA Golf Partner (Added 16/01/20 )

    Rigby Taylor has again partnered with BIGGA as their Golf Partner for 2020 and will sponsor the members premier National, Managers and Benevolent Tournaments, including qualifying matches. Full details of venues and dates to follow

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