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  • Rigby Taylor Product Brochure – Edition 21 NOW AVAILABLE (Added 14/12/21 )

    Rigby Taylor’s product range brochure is now available in both a printed and digital format. This annual brochure is the ‘go-to’ publication for professional turf managers when seeking to source and apply the very best products to maintain the health, more

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  • Rigby Taylor’s 2021 grass seed brochure is now available (Added 22/02/21 )

    Rigby Taylor’s 2021 grass seed brochure is now available in both a printed and digital format This fully illustrated publication is available as a complete brochure or in sections according to purpose for golf/bowls, sports pitches & playing fields, cricket/tennis, more

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  • Great results in a short time (Added 15/02/21 )

    Unlike other clubs in the Championship, the playing surfaces at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground and the training ground are not identical, so stadium Head Groundsman Ewan Hunter works closely with training ground Head Groundsman Matt Tietjen to ensure youth academy up to first-team players experience the best playing surfaces possible. more

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  • Spring interaction! (Added 15/02/21 )

    We are all aware of the significant impact global warming is having on the sea levels, the ice caps and temperatures and the Met Office graph to the right shows how UK spring temperatures have risen over the last 50 more

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  • Quick Turn around gets great results (Added 15/02/21 )

    Great teamwork and bespoke maintenance programmes by Nottingham Forest FC’s grounds team have kept the playing surfaces in top-notch condition.Read more

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  • On Course with Digital Technology (Added 15/02/21 )

     Craig Earnshaw, course manager at Harleyford GC in Buckinghamshire, is a man on a mission and has been fast to embrace the modern approach to managing, communicating and training that today’s advancing technology can offer. Read more

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  • Make Better on a Budget (Added 15/02/21 )

    Making sure the money invested in your irrigation system is money well spent. Your irrigation system is one of the most important tools of your golf course. It can be one of your biggest headaches too if it is not up to scratch. Read more

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  • Introducing the new Rigby Taylor Irrigation Catalogue (Added 8/02/21 )

    This 128 page fully illustrated catalogue, features the extensive Rain Bird irrigations products. Designed in sections to suit specific interests; Golf & other Sports Surfaces; Landscaping, Gardens & Horticulture and a General section that can be used in any system. more

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  • Making better on a budget (Added 30/01/21 )

    Peter Robin, Rigby Taylor Irrigation Product Manager, gives some excellent advice on making sure the money invested in your irrigationsystem is money well spent. Read more  

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  • Successful pitch care (Added 17/11/20 )

    Rigby Taylor and Maidstone Rugby pitch in to improve playing surfaces. A week is a long time in politics, according to the idiom. But for Bob Hayton, grounds chairman at Maidstone Rugby, deciding whether to aerate or apply fertiliser, for example – or more

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