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Introducing the New Tiny Robotic Line Marker – Pro X

Tiny Mobile Robots, marketed and distributed in the UK by Origin Amenity Solutions has launched the Tiny Pro X robotic line marker to the UK market today.

Tiny Robotic Line Marker – Pro X

Reinforcing our commitment to giving our customers the best tools to carry out their line marking projects, the Tiny Pro X hosts a range of brand-new features designed to enhance the end users experience and make GPS robotic line marking easier and more accurate than ever.

Perhaps the most sought-after new feature is the ability to mark out custom logos. This is something that we have been asked for constantly and has been under development for a long-time.  It is now a standard feature on the Tiny Pro X and is a simple 3-step feature for the end user, allowing them to customise fields for events or occasions in a way that was not easily possible before.

The ’Multi-Select’ tool is another time-saving and efficient new feature which enables users to queue up multiple fields to be marked out in a specific order.

A simple yet revolutionary feature is the new low paint alert system. When the robot is running low on paint, an automatic alert is sent to the user’s hand-held tablet notifying them of the paint levels. This is a much-welcomed feature which avoids time being wasted marking out a field with no paint in the tank.

In addition to these, the Tiny Pro X offers many more improvements, including general upgrades to the hardware and software for a largely improved experience on what was already a solid offering from the existing range of robots. The electronics within the robot have been enhanced, allowing for more reliable and powerful line marking in a range of project areas, and the external design has been enhanced, with the addition of buttons to activate pump and nozzle, enabling users to prime, clean and test without using the tablet.

Tiny Robotic Line Marker – Pro X

Jayne Leyland, Product Manager for Origin Amenity Solutions comments; “I’m thrilled to be announcing the launch of the Tiny Pro X robotic line marker. It’s an exciting time as this has been a long time in development and testing. This new model offers the end user many increased features and benefits and the initial feedback from our salespeople and test customers has been fantastic. I’m really looking forward to seeing it rolled out across the UK following the launch.”

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