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GSV Golf Solenoid Valve

The Rainbird GSV solenoid valve is the top-of-the-range solenoid valve designed for golf irrigation applications. This valve comes complete with a PRS-Dial mounted on a PESB solenoid valve so it can operate reliably in relatively dirty water; it contains a scrubber which keeps the inlet water into the diaphragm clean via a small filter; the scrubber scrapes debris off this screen during operation to prevent these debris from clogging the filter and causing problems.

Constructed of glass filled nylon, these valves can withstand pressures up to 13.8 bar (200psi). Stainless steel studs are moulded into the body so if you need to remove the bonnet, the nuts won’t fall out. It can also operate at a wider range of flow rates than other valves.

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