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Central Control Systems

Rain Bird Central Control Decoder System

for upgrading existing decoder systems

Central control systems include a PC computer, two monitors & printer. When you have a large system with potentially hundreds of solenoid valves in the field, you really need a PC central control system. The PC system means you can clearly see your irrigation programmes, make alterations etc and see how your system water usage will happen through various cycles, without having to scroll through an LCD screen on a wall-mounted irrigation controller.

Decoder technology is over 30 years old, and where possible we suggest the much newer IC Central control system (next page). The IC technology is continually advancing and is where Rain Bird is continuing to spend time & resources in making the product better.

However there are many instances where you might need to upgrade and existing system and can’t afford to upgrade to an IC system, or for various reasons it’s not feasible at the moment.

There are several options available depending upon the size of your golf course (or multiple courses) and how sophisticated you want it to be. Rain Bird weather stations can be incorporated to control your irrigation via daily weather results or soil moisture levels, and MI (mobile interface) allows you to use your smart phone to control your system while you’re out on the course.

To build your Rain Bird PC Central Control Decoder System you will need:

The PC central control system of your choice. This is the brain behind the controls. Choose one of the 4 options below:

    • Stratus LT for one 18-hole golf course (300 decoders or 750 IC stations).
    • Stratus II for 2 courses or 27-holes (700 decoders or 6,000 IC stations).
    • Nimbus for 3 courses or 54 holes (4,000 decoders or 24,000 IC stations).
    • Cirrus, also for 3 courses or 54 holes (6,000 decoders or 36,000 IC stations).

Your Rain Bird irrigation system could be decoder based or IC based. An IC system, unique to Rain Bird, uses an Integrated Control module instead of a decoder & solenoid coil and had huge benefits. In this instance the software platform is the new Cirrus II IC software. This is described in more detail later. This will determine what hardware you’ll require.

If your irrigation system (rotors & solenoid valves) is decoder-based, you’ll need a decoder interface; this is the box that links the PC to the outside world. You have 2 options:

  • SDI means small decoder interface
  • LDI means large decoder interface

A line termination box; only required on decoder systems.

A Surge pipe & grounding plate to prevent electrical surges (including a lightning strike) reaching your PC.

An optional Mobile Interface, so you can use your smart phone or tablet to make things happen while you’re in the field.

GSP stands for Global Service Plan. This is optional but gives you Rain Bird’s online backup and has huge benefits.

 Central control systems are expensive, so to ensure you are choosing the best system for your course, please contact us. We will gladly visit your course and discuss options. Talk to your local Rigby Taylor rep or contact the irrigation department.


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