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Revive Water Management 2.5lts



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Revive Water Management 2.5lts


More info

Revive Water Management 2.5lts

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  • Maximises irrigation efficiency – making best use of the water you apply.
  • Excellent penetration system ensures water infiltrates into soil and does not run off the surface.
  • Long lasting effects gives benefits everytime it rains or when you irrigate.
  • Encourages improved root growth.
  • Includes chelated iron micro-nutrient to restore lawn colour.
  • Rapid response – usually visible within 24 hours.

What Is Revive?

Building on the latest water management practices used by professional greenkeepers and groundsmen, Revive provides the home gardener with the same benefits. In addition, Revive contains essential nutrients to promote plant health and enhance appearance.

How It Works

Many soils repel water, especially when they have been exposed to long periods of drought. Any water that is applied either through irrigation (where possible) or naturally by rain can simply run off the surface to areas where it is not required, or in hot weather simply evaporate back into the atmosphere.

Revive reduces the surface tension of water with the effect that it flows more freely. A special penetrant is incorporated that assists the water to enter more easily into your lawn surface where the roots can benefit from additional moisture.

Added Benefit – Greener Grass!

Revive also enhances the natural colour of the grass, this is achieved by the addition of the important micronutrient iron (Fe) that is included in the formulation.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Pack Size

2.5 LTS

Pack Coverage


Application Rate


Water Volume

800 – 800

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