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Big future for TLM at Medway Norse

The prospect of at least 30% time savings by using a robot line marker compared to manual line marking – plus the resulting additional benefits in costs and labour resources – proved irresistible to Medway Norse, as the Kent-based grounds and facilities management specialist has become one of the first users of the TinyLineMarker (TLM).

TLM can mark a full-size football pitch in just 20 minutes, compared to around 1.5 hours manually. And for Medway Norse, which has a grounds service remit that includes the maintenance of all of Medway Council’s grass playing surfaces, including 68 football pitches, “that will mean we’ll be freeing up our grounds team from line marking these pitches for at least two days a week”, says Colinda Le Gall, Operations Manager – Grounds.

“Also, as a result of needing just one person to mark the pitches using TLM – instead of two by conventional transfer wheel methods – the available resource will be able to be redeployed on other pitch maintenance tasks.”

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