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TinyLineMarker Sport

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Linemarking Robot

Faster, lighter and cost effective, the TinyLineMarker (TLM) Sport is Rigby Taylor’s latest line marking robot introduction for the autonomous, initial marking and over-marking of sports pitches. Perfect for clubs and organisations that have single site use, or for sites with just a few pitches, it is a smart investment for training grounds, sports clubs, schools and district/borough councils.

Using the latest robotic technology and in-built GPS-RTK receiver and antenna, the TLM Sport’s modern, sleek design moves easily over the grass surfaces providing precision line markings to mm levels of accuracy.

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Robotic Linemarking

TLM Sport has available over 50 sports pitch markings templates that can be stored on the supplied Samsung tablet and stored for future use

There are 50 sports pitch-marking templates available and the robot is easily controlled by a single operator using the supplied Samsung tablet. Once the lines have been marked the markings are never lost as once the operation has been completed, the location and markings are simply stored and can be retrieved and replicated at any time. The robot can continuously mark for 3-4 hours on a single battery charge (an upgraded battery is available providing longer spraying time) and built in detect and protect ultrasonic sensors are supplied as standard.

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Robotic Linemarking

TLM Sport – Weighs just 25kgs. Easy to transport, compact in size and requires little maintenance

The TLM Sport is also super-efficient. Once the robot is positioned on the pitch surface to be marked it can be left to get on with its work, freeing up the operator to carry out additional tasks such as mowing, aeration, spraying, spreading, etc. As an example, using just 3 litres of Impact paint, the complete initial marking (no stringing required!) of a standard sized football pitch can be undertaken in just 20 minutes, including those pitches with fixed posts.

It is also eco-friendly. As CO2 emissions and water conservation become increasingly important, its battery powered, low energy consumption, no fuel or emissions and, with its Impact ready to use paint, no added water, the TLM Sport is the eco-smart choice.

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Linemarking Robot

The TLM Sport is battery powered and the eco-friendly. low-energy consumption choice with zero emissions from its rechargeable lithium ion battery. Provides 3-4 hours spraying time from a single charge

Impact ready to use paint

TLM Sport is the perfect partner with Impact ready to use paint. No measuring, mixing and no waste

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Linemarking Robot

TLM Sport features side and front bumpers and ultrasonic sensors to detect movement and prevent damage

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Linemarking Robot

TLM Sport, small in size, BIG on features. features next generation GPS.RTK satellite and receiver providing mm line marking accuracy. Can initial mark out a football pitch in just 20 minutes

TinyLineMarker-Sport - Robotic Linemarking

Whilst the TLM Sport is marking pitches or athletic tracks, other important tasks can be undertaken simultaneously

See this product in action:

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