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Price per pitch makes TLM a ‘no-brainer’

Contractor Dean McDermott knows that his purchase of the TinyLineMarker (TLM) robotic line marking machine will make a big difference to his current operation. “I also know the machine will also enable us to further expand by offering cost-effective line marking to a multitude of new customers – councils and contractors alike,” he says.

“Its purchase enables us to be more efficient with our current line marking let alone future expansion; it was a no-brainer,” he claims.

Dean continues: “Not only is the application of TLM truly a one-man operation – and that includes unloading and loading for each job/site – but it is also very fast and very accurate.

“In this business, it’s all about price per pitch and since the TLM can mark a full-size football pitch in just 20 minutes, with one operator, compared to (in Parkway’s case) around 2/2.5 hours manually with two operators, the savings in time and manpower are evident. Also, an eight-lane running track that used to take two of my guys a full day, at least, can now be completed by one person in only 2.5 hours.”

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