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Weeds On Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces can be designated as everything that is not turf or grassland. This means for example it could be an area such a red shale tennis court or running track, or paths on a golf course. Even when tarmac or flags are involved weeds can grow between the edge of a building and the hard surface.

Presently the only proprietary products for these areas are based on glyphosate. To obtain the best results ensure that the correct nozzles are fitted to the lance on the sprayer used. Always keep moving, stopping to dwell on a particular weed will probably cause the herbicide to run off which will not be efficacious.

If moss or algae is the problem rather than broad leaf weeds the product most suited is Qualgex . The method of operation of this product is different to glyphosate so it is important to use a different nozzle. When a sprayer has been used for applying total herbicide it is best kept for that purpose and a separate sprayer kept for selective herbicide applied to turf.

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