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Slender Speedwell (Veronica Spp)

An annual weed, slender speedwell (Veronica spp) quickly spreads through lawns and can soon become troublesome in lawns and borders. It grows on all soil types and especially moist soils with a low cutting height and flowers from March to June.

Slender speedwell can grow up to 50cm and is a prostate, rhizomatous, perennial herb that can form dense mats. In spring and autumn the weed spreads by seed, usually caused by mowing.

The slender speedwell has small flowers that can be up to around 15mm in size. Colours range from bright blue to lilac with one petal often being paler than the others.

The plant’s common name was derived from the story that it was sown into the clothes of travellers, in Ireland, for good luck on their journey.

It was first introduced to Britain from Turkey during the 19th century.

To prevent re-occurrence, collect the lawn cuttings from infested lawns and do not use them as mulch.

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