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Leaf Spot And Melting Out

What Is It?

Leaf Spot and Melting Out are caused by a group of fungi. Probably all cool-season grasses have a leaf spot /melting out disease associated with them.

Have I Got It?

The first signs of Leaf Spot are small brown spots, which are caused by the fungi invading the leaves of the grass. If the disease develops the spots increase in size and become dark red around a tan coloured centre. These spots may enlarge until they are the width of the entire blade of the grass. The leaf-blighting phase is not so damaging as the melting out of the crown and root. When this happens there will be significant thinning of the turf.

If I Have Got It How Do I Try To Control It?

Try and moderate the nitrogen level by using a fertilizer with a ratio 1 part nitrogen to 2 parts potassium. An example would be Mascot Four Season 6-0-12 or Mascot Apex 7-0-14 . If possible over-seed the affected areas with species that are more resistant; this advice can be provided by technical staff at Rigby Taylor.

There are fungicides that will help to control Leaf Spot /melting out and these is Heritage, Fusion, Dedicate, Exteris

How Do I Try To Prevent Re-Occurrence?

As previously mentioned try and moderate nitrogen input, a figure for which to aim would be about 30-35kgs per hectare. The number of bags for your particular pitch or area can be worked out by technical staff at Rigby Taylor.

Never stress grass by cutting more than one third of the length of the leaf. The autumn pressure is usually caused by low light levels so where possible keep the area open and free from shade.

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