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Lawn Feed

Lawn feed helps keep your grass in great condition throughout the year, so it looks lush, is healthy and maintains healthy roots. There are a large number of fertilizers which may be used to feed your lawn at different times of the year and in variable conditions. What you may wish to use will depend on various factors.

Options for lawn feed

Slow or quick release fertilizer – Slow release fertilizers take effect over a longer period of time than quick release, but continue to feed the lawn over a longer period too. Quick releasing lawn feeds are usually cheaper than slow release and because the full effect kicks in rapidly, are useful for when a quick, noticeable improvement is desired.

Liquid, powder or granules – Liquid fertilizers are fast releasing their lawn feed into the turf and so their nutrients can be taken up quickly by the grass plants. Powder fertilizers are also generally rapidly absorbed, though the danger with both of these options is that they are susceptible to being washed off by heavy rain. Granular fertilizers are not as easy to apply as the other two, but the slow-release effect can be beneficial in many circumstances.

Different nutrient NPK values – The amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in fertilizer is indicated by a NPK value and different levels of each give different results for your lawn. They are each necessary and have their individual merits and downsides. Generally, high nitrogen content will give quicker growth, but can leave weaker plants that are susceptible to disease. Phosphorous is excellent for root growth and potassium plays a vital role in healthy grass growth.

When is best to feed lawn?

It depends on the results you are looking for. If the aim is to feed the grass once in a year and leave it, then spring time is best, in either April or May. If you are striving for a intensively well-maintained lawn, spring and autumn feeds are in order, so one in April/May and one in September.

How much lawn feed will I need?

This varies depending on the type of fertilizer bought and the size of your lawn. Check the pack for the area it will cover.

Rigby Taylor products used to feed lawns

Many products from the Fine Turf Fertilizer range can be used as lawn feed including:

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