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Dry Patch

What Is It?

Dry Patch is where areas of lawns, golf greens, bowling greens or other such fine turf, dry out and become hydrophobic (water repellent). Small patches at the edge of a golf or bowling green may be tolerable, but large affected areas or in parts central to play, will most likely be causing trouble and require addressing.

Have I Got It?

Dry Patch appears as patches of brown, dying grass amongst a healthy sports turf surface. Any water falling on the area will either run off or sit on the surface and the patches will be completely dry even after heavy rainfall. Puddles of standing water may also form in particularly bad cases and the soil underneath the affected surface areas will be completely dry.

If I Have Got It How Do I Try To Control It?

When Dry Patch has taken hold it becomes very difficult to re-wet the surface. Although preventing the occurrence in the first place is the ideal, wetting agents may also be used as a curative. Breaker Curative used in conjunction with Breaker Dynamic would be the best choice in this situation.

How Do I Try To Prevent Re-Occurrence?

To help prevent against Dry Patch, a wetting agent programme begun in the spring, around March, will mean there is the maximum amount of wetting agent in the rootzone when it is most needed at the height of summer. Initially there should be two applications of wetting agent made at 7-10 day intervals. Subsequently, monthly applications should help prevent the re-occurrence of Dry Patch.

As well as using wetting agents, cultural methods may also be employed to prevent Dry Patch from re-occurring. Scarifying the green, pitch or lawn in the autumn will help remove thatch from the surface, which should help prevent against Dry Patch. Applying the correct lawn feed or sports turf feed at the appropriate times will promote general turf health and help guard against Dry Patch. Also, turf which is heavily compacted can be more susceptible to the disease. To avoid this, regularly aerate the sports surface or lawn.

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