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There are a number of similar-looking plants labelled as a ‘ daisy ’. One of the most common species is the bellis perennis, sometimes called the common, lawn or English daisy . It is a composite flower, where there are many tiny flowers in the yellow centre and each white petal is also an individual flower. Its leaves are 2-6cm long and grow towards the bottom of the stem, the flowerheads are usually 1-3cm in diameter and the white petals are often red-tipped. They open at dawn and close again at night.

The leucanthemum vulgare, or oxeye daisy , is a perennial wildflower and is sometimes considered a common weed. It can form dense populations, spreading by seed and rhizomes.


Use Crossbar Greenor or  Junction to control if cases of daisies are too serious to remove by hand.

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