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In agricultural pasture clover is viewed as a benefit because of its ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil. Nevertheless in domestic, amenity or professional sports turf, clover is viewed as a weed. It does tend to have a preference for moist areas, so if it is a persistent problem after treatment maybe some drainage is required.

What To Do If I Have A Problem?

For control of both white clover and yellow suckling clover , Mascot Greenor is the recommended selective herbicide.

It is important to use an appropriate nozzle when applying so that the correct droplet size is achieved for maximum efficacy. Always keep moving when applying as dwelling in one particular area will result in over-application and consequently run off the target. If the first treatment is not 100% successful repeat four to six weeks later.

In subsequent seasons apply in the early season, late April or May to prevent further colonisation.

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