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Azoxystrobin is a broad spectrum, systemic fungicide. It is in the chemical family of Strobilurins.

Azoxystrobin is absorbed through the roots of the weed and translocated in the xylem throughout the plant. Its mode of action is to inhibit mitochondrial respiration in fungi. Azoxystrobin prevents spore germination and spore production in fungi.

It is the only active ingredient approved for the treatment of Take-All Patch in the UK.

Azoxystrobin may be used to control fungal infections such as:

  • Fusarium Patch
  • Take-All Patch
  • Anthracnose
  • Brown Patch
  • Leaf Spot/Melting Out
  • Rust Diseases
  • Type 2 Fairy Rings

Rigby Taylor sells products containing azoxystrobin including:

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