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The best solution for invasive and tough woody weeds

ICADE is a tough weed herbicide for use in amenity grassland and non-crop areas. ICADE is effective against a wide range of tough and invasive weeds including Japanese Knotweed, Hogweed and Buddleia.

  • Unique to non-crop market
  • Virtually no odour
  • Very low amounts of active ingredient
  • High levels grass safety
  • Wide spectrum of weeds controlled - especially tough and invasive weeds
  • Rainfast in 1 hour
  • Wide application window
  • Knapsack & broadcast possible
  • No volatility issues
  • Season long control of many weeds

Why use ICADE Herbicide?

Unwanted vegetation in amenity grassland and non-crop areas causes safety hazards, severe economic loss, and damage to desirable structures. As well as being unsightly, invasive weeds also reduce biodiversity and can pose serious risk to human health.
With the need for the most efficient weed control technology, whilst being safe to humans and the environment, Dow AgroSciences has combined the latest technology in its ICADE herbicide.

Areas where ICADE can be used include

Railway and motorway embankments, industrial areas, under powerlines, cemeteries, utilities, around greenkeeper sheds.
ICADE herbicide is approved for use in Amenity Grassland.
ICADE is NOT approved for use on airfields.

Application Rates

Broadcast application

Apply at 2.0 litres per hectare for common nettle.
Apply at 4.0 litres per hectare for control of bramble, common mugwort, common nettle, creeping thistle and giant hogweed.

Localised spot application

Apply at 150ml per 10 litres water for the control of bramble and gorse.
Apply at 200ml per 10 litres water for the control of broom, buddleia and Japanese knotweed.

How To Buy ICADE

To buy ICADE please contact our sales team on 0800 424 919.