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Microcal pH Adjustment 25Kg

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Microcal pH Adjustment is a micro-granulated form of Carbonate of Lime, making application a dust-free and simple operation. Microcal helps to re-dress the pH balance in soils that are too acidic.

  • Helps re-dress the pH balance of acidic soils
  • Contains calcium carbonate
  • Micro-granulated form of Carbonate of Lime

If the pH of a soil is too high or too low it can result in inefficient use of fertilizer by turf, excess thatch build-up and increased pest problems. Microcal helps reduce the acidity of soil, redressing the pH balance and therefore helping grow healthy pest-free grass.

Active Ingredients:

Contains calcium carbonate.

Application Rate:

Apply at 35g/m² Microcal on amenity turf when experiencing excessive acidic conditions. Read product label before use.

Pack Size:

25kg bag.

Pack Coverage:

714 m²

Optim8 Spreader Application Settings:

Spread Width cmGrammes per sq mtTraySetting
38540Standard 3 Hole16
38560Standard 3 Hole18
  1. 25.000000
  2. 35.000000
  3. 35.000000
  4. GMS
  5. KG
  6. 714.000000
  7. 1.000000