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Seaweed Compact Organic Turf Supplement 2Kg

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Seaweed Compact Natural Organic Supplement is a specially formulated dried seaweed extract in a soluble powder form for use on amenity turf. Seaweed Compact has excellent solubility characteristics and helps improve shoot density, root growth and general plant health.

  • Highly soluble, powdered formulation
  • Enhances root growth, root mass and turf establishment
  • Increase shoot density for better recovery and ground cover
  • Aids young seed establishment by boosting early growth
  • Boosts beneficial soil microbes so improving root growth

Active ingredients

Dried seaweed extract of Ascophyllum nodosum

Application Rate

Apply to the turf at 100-115g/500m² Seaweed Extract in 15-25 litres/500m² of water every 4 weeks. Read product label before use.

Pack size

2kg re-sealable tub.

Pack coverage

10,000m² (1ha).


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