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Impact (Drum) Line Marking Paint 10lt

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Impact (Drum) comes in a 10lt drum. The advanced technology, highly concentrated, ready-to-use Impact line marking paint gives a long-lasting, bright line and is compatible with the Impact Glider.

  • Advanced technology line marking with ready-to-use paint.
  • No mixing, no water, no pouring, no mess.
  • Only 3 litres needed to over-mark a standard football pitch.
  • Can be used on grass and hard surfaces.
  • Easy handling of cartons, reduced storage, no heavy drums.

No water is needed to dilute the paint before marking therefore there is no mixing, no pouring and no mess . After priming with water just connect the paint transfer tube to the paint container and marking can commence.

The paint formulation enables it to be surface-dry within 15-20 minutes under normal conditions so lessening the risk of the line being washed out. It takes just 3 litres of Impact paint to over-mark one standard-sized football pitch making it extremely economical (initial marking would require more paint subject to presentation required).

Environmentally, Impact paint leads the way with much of the water used in its manufacture coming from natural rainwater.

Impact is available as both a "bag-in-a-box" (Impact Carton) and in drum (Impact Drum).


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