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Duraline Concentrate Line Marking Paint 10lt

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Duraline Concentrate Line Marking paint is an excellent value for money dilutable concentrate white line marker paint that is specially formulated for use with pitches requiring frequent re-marking.

  • Concentrated, bright-white marking compound.
  • Specially formulated for pitches requiring frequent re-marking.
  • High pigment content offers excellent water resistance
  • Available in white and a range of colours

Duraline Concentrate Line Marking Paint can be used in any spray or transfer wheel line marking machine and offers superb water resistance capabilities. It combines excellent value with brilliant, bright results and durability. The concentrate paint may be used on any turf grass sports surfaces such as on the football pitch, rugby pitch or tennis court.

Pack size:

10 litres.

Area of use:



Any spray or transfer wheel marking machine.


Initial marking - 3:1 ratio water to paint.

Over marking - 7:1 ratio water to paint.

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