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Snowcal 20 Line Marking Powder 25Kg

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Snowcal 20 Line Marking Powder is a flexible grade line marker and can be used as a dry powder but is also fine enough to be mixed with water to apply as a paint to mark the lines if pitch conditions allow.

  • Non-toxic and safe to players
  • Produces economical bright white lines
  • Ideal for use in wet or muddy conditions
  • Applied as a dry powder or can be mixed into a paint solution

Snowcal 20 W/D gives crisp white lines, and if applied wet is ideal for use with a transfer wheel line marker.

Why choose Snowcal?

Snowcal 20 is a versatile line marking powder because not only is it ideal for wet and muddy conditions as a dry powder, but can also be mixed with water to apply as a marking paint if the weather permits. The marker will produce white, economical and brilliant lines on such grass areas as the rugby or football pitch, the tennis court or athletic track ensuring year-round results.

For a guide to line marking measurements for various sports see: http://www.rigbytaylor.com/Line+Marking+Measurements.htm

Why use line marking powder?

Using powder to mark your lines can be more cost effective. If mixing into paint, the amount of water you mix with the powder can be altered according to the weather conditions. In extremely muddy conditions line marking powder can be used as a dry powder.

Alternatives to Snowcal 20?

As an alternative to using Snowcal 20, Rigby Taylor offers many other line marking powders and paints. Duraline Dual is a ready-to-use line marking paint which requires no mixing or measuring and has the advantage of a rain-resistant formula. For more alternatives see the turf paint line marking product page: http://www.rigbytaylor.com/Shop+by+Product/Line+Marking/Turf+Paint/list.htm

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