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Chikara Tough Weed Herbicide 150g

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Contains 25% w/w flazasulfuron (250g/kg).
MAPP 14189

Chikara Tough Weed Herbicide is a systemic, pre-emergent and early post-emergent herbicide. Chikara combines both a contact and residual mode of action to control annual and perennial weeds on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, and permeable surfaces over-lying soil.

  • Pre-emergent and early post-emergent weed control
  • Combines both a contact and residual mode of action
  • Can be mixed with glyphosate to control emerged weeds
  • Convenient water-dispersible granular formulation for ease of application

Active Ingredients:

Contains 25% w/w flazasulfuron (250g/kg).

Application Rate:

Apply at 150g/ha Chikara in 200-600 litres/ha of water. Best applied in early spring before weeds germinate. If weeds are present, tank mix with a glyphosate-based herbicide when weeds are small and actively growing.

Chikara is a LERAP B pesticide – do not allow spray from knapsack sprayers to fall within 1 metre of the top of the bank of any static or flowing water body. Ensure the knapsack/power sprayer is thoroughly washed out with an ammonia-based cleaning agent before using the knapsack for any other spraying operation, as traces of Chikara may cause harm to other susceptible plants sprayed later. Read product label before use.

Spray Quality:

Medium (Power sprayer), Coarse (Knapsack).

Pack Size:

150g pack.

Pack Coverage:

10,000m² (1ha).

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any pesticide product for Professional use is used according to the Approved Code of Practice and that all operators are trained and certified in its use.

Product registered for Professional use in UK only.


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