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R4 Species Rich Mixture Grass Seed 20Kg

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R4 Species Rich Grass Seed produces a dense compact sward with fine leaves producing a drought resistant and hard wearing sward, which colonises worn areas well by the use of rhizomatous grasses.

  • Fast to establish with a higher degree of wear tolerance and recovery
  • Excellent for environmental stress situations, salt, shade, with wear
  • Highly recommended for re-instatement and renovation

Grass Seed Mixture:

20% Duparc Perennial Ryegrass
20% Greensleeves Chewings Fescue
20% Beudin Slender Creeping Red Fescue
25% Hastings Strong Creeping Red Fescue
15% Dumas Hard Fescue
Sowing Rate

Sowing Rate:

Up to 25 - 30gms/m²

Mowing Height

Mowing Height:

Down to 8mm

Available In

Available in:

20kg bags

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  10. 8mm