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R2 Fescue & Bent Grass Seed 20Kg

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R2 Greens Grass Seed is a traditional mixture that gives good results and is tolerant to close mowing, whilst providing good year round colour.

  • A traditional mixture providing good results throughout the UK.
  • Good tolerance to close mowing.
  • Provides a good compact sward and achieves good year-round colour.

Grass Seed Mixture:

40% Greenmile Chewings Fescue
40%  ValdoraSlender Creeping Red Fescue
20% Denso Browntop Bent
Sowing Rate

Sowing Rate:

Up to 20m- 25gms/m²

Mowing Height

Mowing Height:

Down to 4mm

Available In

Available in:

20kg bags

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  2. 20.000000
  3. 25.000000
  4. GMS
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  6. 1000.000000
  7. SQMT
  8. 1.000000
  9. 20.000000
  10. 4mm