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ClearCast Green 10lt

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ClearCast Green worm cast suppression liquid uses a unique combination of nutrient materials that reduce worm casting with no detrimental impact on worms.

  • Combination of amino nitrogen and organic sulphur with added surfactant system
  • Reduces casting activity
  • No detrimental impact on worms
  • Can be used all year round
  • Best results and persistancy in cool soil temperatures
  • Safe to new sown grasses
  • Do NOT tank mix with products that acidify the water

Worm Cast Suppression

Active ingredients

Contains Amino nitrogen, organic sulphur and surfactant system

Application Rate

Spray when worms are near the surface e.g. during spring and autumn. Do not spray during drought or when the ground is frozen. Aerate compacted soils prior to treatment to aid penetration.

Apply at 7 - 20 litres/ha RT ClearCast Green in 500-1,000 litres/ha of water.

Spray quality


Pack size

10 litre bottle.

Pack coverage

14,285 - 5000m²

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any pesticide product for Professional use is used according to the Approved Code of Practice and that all operators are trained and certified in its use.

Product registered for Professional use in UK only.


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