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Junction Turf Selective Herbicide 5lt

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Contains florasulam and 2,4-D.
MAPP 12493

Junction is a new generation, selective turf herbicide. Junction is specially formulated for contractors for the regular maintenance control of weeds in sports and amenity turf. Junction controls a broad range of weeds including dandelion, daisy and white clover.

  • Can be applied at 100 litres of water per hectare
  • Ultra-low dose rate lessens environmental loading
  • Can be applied 2 months after spring or summer sown turf
  • Rainfast after 1 hour
  • Rapidly broken down in the soil environment by soil microbes

Active ingredients

Contains florasulam and 2,4-D. MAPP 12493

Application Rate

Apply at 1.2litres/ha Junction in 100-400 litres/ha of water.

Ideally apply when weeds are young and actively growing in warm weather, preferably when the soil is moist. Do not spray if rain is imminent. Junction can be used with a water volume as low as 100 litres per hectare, providing equipment gives minimum drift and good spray coverage of the weeds. Read product label before use.

Spray quality


Pack size

5 litre bottle.

Pack coverage


Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any pesticide product for Professional use is used according to the Approved Code of Practice and that all operators are trained and certified in its use.

Product registered for Professional use in UK only.


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