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Impact XP (Drum) Line Marking Paint 10lt

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Impact XP is the most advanced ready-to-use line marking paint formulation and raises the standard of sports pitch line marking. No mixing, measuring or dilution of the paint is required.

  • Ready-to-use highly concentrated liquid paint
  • No water, no mixing, and no pouring required
  • Enhanced Line Brightness
  • Huge reduction in water consumption
  • A standard football pitch can be over-marked from as little as 1.1 litre
  • Superb coating of both sides of the leaf blade
  • Can mark out both grass and hard surfaces
  • Surface-dry within 20 minutes under normal conditions

Fast operation. Less operatottime spent mixing, filling and cleaning which releases valuable labour for other important jobs.

Water is an increasingly precious commodity. Unlike dilutable paints, the outstanding benefit of using Impact XP is that no water is required for mixing as the paint is applied directly from the container onto the target surface.

Impact XP is a highly micronized formulation of titanium dioxide combined with special binders, providing unequalled coverage of the target surface, allowing the operator to over-mark a standard size football pitch from as little as 1.1 litre of paint.

The fine atomization of the spray droplets ensures the paint adheres strongly to both sides of the leaf blade. Special pigmentation attributes provide a bright, white reflective surface increasing in visual intensity as the paint dries to give an exceptional line.

In addition the formulation offers a high level of rain fastness that is durable under a wide range of climatic and ground conditions.



Queen's Award For Enterprise: Innovation

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