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Scentaire Companion Deodorisor 1lt

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Contains 15.2% w/w polyalkylene oxide modified heptomethyltrisiloxane.

Scentaire is a companion deodoriser produced specifically use with Eagle Green Caretm nematicide.

  • Scentaire is based upon eucalyptus and mint fragance oils.
  • Product contains penetrant surfantants enabling Eagle Greencare to reach it's target more readily.
  • Combines amono acids to assist recovery from stress

Active ingredients

Contains Alchols, C9-C11, Ethoxylate (6EO); Eucalyptus and Mint Fragrance

Application Rate

Apply at 1lt of Scentaire with 20lts of Eagle Green Caretm in 500lts of water per ha..

Pack size

1 litre + bottle.

Pack coverage

500 litres spray volume.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any pesticide product for Professional use is used according to the Approved Code of Practice and that all operators are trained and certified in its use.

Product registered for Professional use in UK only.


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