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Propel-R Tablets +AA (HD) Dry Patch Treatment

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Propel-R Tablets + AA (HD) is a complete immersion technology with added amino acids for the treatment of Dry Patch with hose end applicators. The high density (HD) formulation is for use where water pressure is over 6 Bar.

  • Prevents and cures Dry Patch.
  • Safe to grass sward and beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Ideal for spot treatment of hydrophobic root zones.
  • Contains amino acids to improve recovery from plant stress induced by low moisture availability.
  • Specially formulated for high pressure water systems.

Propel-R Tablets + AA (HD) are the latest development of the hose end wetting agent tablet. They are designed to be used through the Applicator Gun to spot treat isolated areas of Dry Patch. Amino acids have been included in the formulation to enhance recovery of the turf.

High density (HD) tablets are designed to last longer where there is higher water pressure and flow rates. Warmer water temperatures can also affect the solubility of hose end tablets and HD tablets are ideal for these situations.

High density (HD) tablets are for use where water pressure is over 5 Bar.

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