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Propel-R - Wetting Agent - 10lts

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Propel-R Liquid Wetting Agent is an advanced generation of water management solutions utilising soil micelle interaction technology to reduce soil water repellency to zero.

  • New technology with soil micelle interaction
  • Advanced formulation gives complete soil wetting
  • Reduces soil water repellency to zero
  • Transports moisture away from the surface
  • Improves water and air balance in the rootzone
  • Enhances the soil rhizosphere diversity and activity

How Propel-R works

The unique formulation of Propel-R uses distinctive micelles to attract both water and hydrophobic soil particles together. The micelles are arranged in rods and multiply significantly the sites in which water can be reserved for use by the plant roots and other beneficial organisms in the rhizosphere.

The micelle rods also have a lower friction coefficient than standard wetting agents, which allows Propel-R to pass more rapidly into the soil profile. The speed at which the wetting agent is dispersed through the soil profile greatly improves the reaction to Dry Patch flare-ups.

Prevention is always better than cure

Turf grass that has been drought-stressed will exhaust valuable reserves in an attempt to restore its natural balance of strength and health, leaving it prone to diseases and the inability to withstand and recover from mechanical injury. Maintaining a balanced air/water ratio in the root zone will inhibit the development of hydrophobic lipids that can have such a weakening affect on plants and preserve the plants metabolism and become more resistant to stress.

Regular applications of Propel-R will ensure the rootzone is in the best condition to supply the necessary moisture and nutrient transport foroptimal plant development.

Active Ingredients

Contains 100% polysorbate polyoxu ethyleneco-polymer-linked surfactants.

Application Rate

Golf greens, tees, bowling greens
Apply 1 litre of Propel-R in 35 - 45 litres of water per 500m².

Golf fairways, sportsfields
Apply 20 litres of Propel-R in 700 - 900 litres of water per hectare.

Pack Size

10 litre bottle

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