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Profile Greens Grade Soil Amendment 22.68Kg

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Profile Greens Grade Soil Amendment is a porous soil amendment for high performance root zones in amenity turf. Profile Greens Grade reduces compaction and improves soil aeration and drainage.

  • Improves root zones by adding water, nutrient and air holding capacity to the soil structure
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Excellent stability-still stable after 30 years
  • High, permanent Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Consistent USGA particle size distribution – 99% between 0.15-1.0mm

Active ingredients

A true, porous ceramic granule. The base mineral of illite clay and amorphous silica is fired by a special process which converts it into a stable, porous, non-clay granule.


Profile Greens has a range of application rates depending on the usage required and can be used on golf greens, bowling greens and fine turf areas. Download the  Product Brochure from this page for more information.

Pack size

22.68kg bag.

Pack coverage


Optim8 Spreader Application Settings:

Spread Width cmGrammes per sq mtTraySetting
300100High Output17.5
300200High Output21.5
  1. 23.000000
  2. KGS
  3. KG
  4. 1.000000