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Penetr8-R - Soil Penetrant - 1lt

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Penetr8-R is a premium soil penetrant designed to rapidly assist water through the soil profile

  • Achieves deep soil penetration for applied or standing water
  • Disperses and prevents surface puddling
  • Manages 'hot spots' suffering from 'localised dry spot' LDS
  • Draws air and oxygen into the soil profile
  • Flushes excess salts in the soil profile

How Penetr8-R works

Penetr8-R is highly effective at reducing the surface tension of water molecules and allowing gravity to pull water through root zones, especially hydroiphobic and water repellent soils.


Water is able to penetrate away from the surface, in dry conditions typically found in summer this allows irrigation to reach deep down into the soil profile and provide water where the roots need it.   Conversely during cold typical winter months, this penetrant effect moves the water away from the surface allwoing the soil to remain balanced and aerated.  As surface water progresses through the soil profile it is able to 'drag' air behind it and give much needed O 2 to the plant roots

Active Ingredients

Contains Docusate sodium surfactants.

Application Rate

Golf greens, tees, bowling greens
Apply 0.25 - 0.5 litre of Penetr8-R in 35 - 45 litres of water per 500m².

Golf fairways, sportsfields
Apply 5 - 10 litres of Penetr8-R in 700 - 900 litres of water per hectare.

Pack Size

1 litre bottle

Pack Coverage

500 - 1,000m²


Water containing Penetr8-R (left) vs ordinary water (right) poured onto hydrophobic turf


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