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Breaker Fairway No1 Dry Patch Treatment 200lt

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Breaker Fairway No1 Dry Patch Treatment is a complete immersion technology wetting agent for the treatment of Dry Patch and other water related problems with triple action components especially formulated for use on golf fairways and other large areas.

  • Prevents and cures Dry Patch.
  • Triple active components - wetting and spreading agent; soil penetrant; re-wetting agent.
  • Low application water volume.
  • Improved air : moisture balance in the root zone.

Breaker Fairway No1 is the standard wetting agent formulated for use on fairways and other sports turf where mowing frequency and height of cut is not as often or as close as found on greens.

Active Ingredients:

Contains polyoxyalkylene glycol surfactants and soil penetrant.

Application Rate:

Apply 40lts of Breaker Fairway No1 in 400 lts of water per hectare.

Pack Size:

200 litre barrel.

Pack Coverage:

5 hectares.

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