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Breaker Dynamic Wetting Agent 10lt

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Breaker Dynamic Liquid Wetting Agent is a complete immersion technology wetting agent for the treatment of Dry Patch and other water related problems.

  • Prevents and cures Dry Patch.
  • Triple active components - wetting and spreading agent; soil penetrant; re-wetting agent.
  • New penetrant system enables product to reach even deeper that previously into the soil profile.
  • Promotes a dry surface as it maintains turf moisture but without wetness.
  • Beneficial effect can usually be seen after 48 hours when applied with irrigation.
  • Safe to grass sward and beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Unique tank mixing capabilities.

Breaker Dynamic brings a uniform and consistent balance of air : moisture into the soil profile. Consequently, this reduces drought stress to the turf plant resulting in its metabolic process being able to respond more effectively, so optimising growth. The improved air : moisture ratio within the soil profile also dynamically affects the utilisation of valuable nutrients to the plant whilst also enhancing habitats conducive to plant health.

Active Ingredients:

Contains polyoxyalkylene glycol surfactants and soil penetrant.

Application Rate:

Apply 20lts of Breaker Dynamic in 700 - 900 lts of water per hectare.

Pack Size:

10 litre bottle

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