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Breaker Curative 2 Dry Patch Treatment 10lt

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Breaker Curative 2 Dry Patch Treatment is a curative treatment of localised Dry Patch. Breaker Curative 2 cures water repellency and reinstates water receptivity in the rootzone.

  • Cures water repellancy and reinstates water receptivity acting directly on the cause of Dry Patch.
  • Long lasting effective treatment.
  • Extremely safe to all types of turf with no adverse effects on soil microbial activity.
  • Ideal for use in combination with Breaker Dynamic Liquid programme.

Breaker Curative 2 has a mild cleansing action that targets water repellant materials in the root zone. The waxy lipids that coat sand and soil particles, making them hydrophobic, are placed in solution which can then be flushed from the root zone profile.

Treatment is best carried out in Spring and Autumn with a programme of Breaker Dynamic wetting agent during the intervening period. However, Breaker Curative can be used at any time of year when a hydrophobic soil has been identified.

Ensure sufficient irrigation is applied to assist the flushing process.

Active Ingredients:

Contains aqueous hydrophobic polymers.

Application Rate:

Apply 20 litres of Breaker Curative 2 in 1,000 litres of water per hectare.

Pack Size:

10 litre bottle

Pack Coverage:



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