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Breaker Application Gun

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The Breaker Application Gun is a hose end applicator gun that is designed to be used with Mascot Breaker Tablets to treat Dry Patch. It is fitted with a precision nozzle to give an excellent spray pattern and can be used over a wide range of water pressures.

  • Ideal for treating small turf areas with Dry Patch.
  • Features precision nozzle.
  • Lightweight durable construction.
  • Pistol grip design.

Dry Patch is known to be caused by soil inhabiting fungi of the type that cause Fairy Rings. As their mycelium grows through the soil they deposit a coating of waxes and lipids, particularly around sand particles. The Breaker Applicator Gun is designed for use with Breaker Advance Tablets to treat Dry Patch where spot application is preferable to make treatment as simple and effective as possible.

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