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Activate R Granular Rooting Biostimulant 20Kg

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Activate R Granular Rooting Biostimulant is a specially formulated biostimulant that increases nutrient retention, rooting and general plant health in amenity turf, resulting in a vigorous sward. Activate-R Granules also contains an Enhanced Root Development (ERD) complex which assists root development.

  • Contains ERD which improves root development
  • Contains Leonardite humic acid which improves rooting depth and rejuvenates soil structure
  • Has a high CEC value and improves nutrient retention in the rootzone
  • Contains plant growth hormones that improve shoot and root development
  • Increases plant health, rooting, seed germination and establishment
  • Contains a wide range of chelated trace elements improving turf colour and health

Active ingredients

Contains an ERD complex, humic acid (potassium humate, 26.1% K2O), growth promoting hormones, trace elements and a soil penetrant system.

Application Rate:

Apply at 10kg/500m² Activate-R Granules ideally at 4-6 week intervals.

Activate-R Granules can be used all year round on amenity turf, including golf greens, tees and fairways, bowling greens and sportsfields, where nutrient retention and/or root growth are required. Ideally used during autumn-spring after hollow coring/aeration. Read product label before use.

Pack size

20kg bag

Pack coverage


Optim8 Spreader Application Settings:

Spread Width cm Grammes per sq mt Tray Setting
335 20 Standard 3 Hole 13


  1. 20.000000
  2. 200.000000
  3. 200.000000
  4. KGS
  5. KG
  6. 1000.000000
  8. 1.000000
  9. 3.000000
  10. 6.000000