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Rigby Taylor supply a comprehensive range of products for all those involved in growing and maintaining turf, from the professional greenkeeper and groundsman to the domestic gardener. This site offers you a comprehensive range of products that are the basis to good turf management.

Website Navigation

On the left side of this site you will be able to access our products, and to assist you we have categorised their availability either by the type of product they are, e.g. ‘fertilizer’ or by the activity that they would be most suitable for use, e.g. ‘football’.

Within each category there is often a sub-division, for example 'fertilizers' are further categorised by the general usage type:- Fine Turf, Sportsfield, Amenity etc. All the fertilizers we are offering on this web site will be found in one of these sub-divisions.

When selecting to shop by activity the sub-divisions are organised by period of use. In these cases, specific products have been selected for that activity and that period of use, for example, ‘football’ has four sub-divisions:- Spring, Summer etc... In each sub-division a selection of all categories of products can be found most suitable for use on this activity at this period of time.

Search Facility

The search facility, found near the top right of each page, allows you to search for products either by name or use. For example, searching for "Red Thread" will return a list of our products that can be used to treat Red Thread.

Identifying Your Problem

The Product Finder can be accessed via a menu on the left hand side of the page. Here you are able to select a problem you may be experiencing and find suitable products to help you. For example, there is a sub-division called ‘Turf Diseases and Problems’ and by selecting this you can then select ‘Fusarium Patch’ which will list a range of products suitable to deal with this problem.

To help you identify a particular problem you can use the Glossary, which can be accessed via the Knowledge Base menu option at the top of the page.Within the Glossary there is a list of many common problems with a short description and photograph to help you make an identification.

Rigby Taylor also has the benefit of 50 technical representatives that cover the UK, offering support and advice to customers. Their turf knowledge and experience has proved invaluable to our clientele, and they are able to offer further services including soil testing and with recommendations for both cultural and material management. To speak to one of our technical representatives use the contact details shown below.

Contacting Us

If you have a product enquiry, an after sales query or just want to give us some feedback, please contact us on 0800 424 919. Our experienced advisors will be able to answer your question quickly and provide you with reliable information.

Full contact details for our offices are available on the Contact Details & Maps page.