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White Clover (Trifolium repens)

White Clover

The herbaceous perennial plant has white flowers with heads up to around 2cm in diameter, atop stalks, and the leaves form the shamrock. It grows on many different soil types and pH’s, but clay being it's favourite. White clover is often seen growing in turf grass and is tolerant to close mowing.

White clover has a high mineral content and is a good source of protein, but can be a problem in lawns and turfgrass because it is low-growing and stands out from the rest of the grass. It flowers from May to September and its white or pale pink heads are at the end of separate stalks. Even after growing plants are removed, white clover will come back because seeds stay viable for some time. 


Whilst white clover may be removed by hand, it can be difficult to do so with established plants. Crossbar Greenor and  Junction will control white clover .

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