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Broad Leaved Plantain (Plantago major)

Broad Leaved Plantain

The flowers on the broad leaved plantain are very small, sitting in spikes on an upright stalk which can rise up to 15cm and are pollinated by the wind.

They often last for many seasons because the rosette formed by the plant is too low to the ground to be ripped out by mower blades, and it is very tolerant to compaction.

The broad leaved plantain is an herbaceous perennial. It has medicinal uses due to its leaves containing chemicals for treating small cuts, and can be used internally to ease coughs and bronchitis. Because of its broad leaves, it shades other plants which may be trying to establish.


A thick sward will help prevent broad leaved plantain establishing. It may be removed by hand, but if numerous plants persist,  Greenor or  Crossbar will control it.

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