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Rigby Taylor Testimonials

Alan Ferguson

Grounds & Estate Manager
St George's Park

"We set very high standards for our pitches as some of the best players in the world come to train at the complex. Microlite Activ8 and Premier NG fertilizers are used as we get excellent spreading consistency, evenness of growth and good colour. With so much play on our pitches, fast recovery is vital and this is achieved with R14 and R314 seed mixes. Linemarking is carried out across the complex using the Impact System. It's fast and the lines last longer."

Keith Kent

Head Groundsman
Twickenham Stadium

"We have had great success with R14 seed. It is extremely hardwearing, has good colour, recovers well and provides excellent leaf density. Our lines are marked out with Impact XP paint. It provides very bright white lines that last even after periods of heavy rainfall. Also the paint does not 'shadow' and produces a very professional finish. We gain excellent control of leaf spot and fusarium by ringing the changes using Rayzor, Eland and Fusion fungicides."

Gary Barwell

Head Groundsman
Warwickshire County Cricket Club

"An internationally acclaimed ground such as ours requires a surface to match. We use R9 seed with great success when renovating our cricket square as consistent germination and rapid speed of establishment is achieved. A strong rooting system is also developed resulting in excellent sward density. This is further enhanced through treatments of Rigby Taylor seaweed products. R9 is also used on the outfields for reinstatement as we achieve excellent early establishment, superb colour and fast recovery following a season's intensive use."

David Langheim

Master Greenkeeper
Wimbledon Park Golf Club

"We have had huge success with our use of Microlite fertilizer. All our tees are treated and we notice how uniform in size are the micro-granules, which enable us to achieve excellent spreading consistency. Following watering-in, the turf starts to colour up very quickly and evenness of growth habit has been excellent. I can say that it is one of the best granular fertilizers I have ever used and will be repeating applications again in 2015."

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