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Rigby Taylor's new Hydropro-2 wetting agent solves water management problems

The HydroPro-2 advanced non-ionic reverse block polymer wetting agent for the control of Dry Patch and water-related problems in amenity turf has been launched by Rigby Taylor, the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces.

The application of HydroPro-2 ensures the even distribution of moisture through the soil and maintains plant usable reserves of water applied either by rainfall or irrigation.

HydroPro-2 also improves the wetting consistency between treatments to result in dry and firm playing surfaces while also controlling and preventing Dry Patch.

Research and user experience has demonstrated that a programmed approach to the application of wetting agents has proved consistently the best method for keeping the soil profile hydrated and reduces the wet/dry cycle that promotes the build-up of hydrophobic soils.

HydroPro-2 – which contains block polymers based on ethylene oxide and propylene oxide - is supplied in 10-litre packs which will treat 5,000-7,500 m2.

For further information contact a Rigby Taylor representative at Freefone 0800 424 909 or by email at sales@rigbytaylor.com

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