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Trailblazer Trio Spray Pattern Indicator 1lt

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Trailblazer Trio Spray Pattern Indicator is a spray marker containing a temporary spray drift colourant, spray drift controller and water conditioners for use on amenity turf and non-crop areas.

  • Contains water conditioners.
  • Dissolves in minutes to colour the spray solution blue for easy identification.
  • Highlights overlapping and missed areas, uneven spray patterns and blocked nozzles.
  • The blue colour is temporary, does not permanently stain vegetation, soil or skin and washes off easily.
  • Drift and volatilisation is reduced.
  • Deposition on the leaf surface is improved.
  • Uniform-sized droplets improve application accuracy.
  • Compatible with most amenity pesticides.

Trailblazer Trio contains not only a temporary spray colourant and spray drift controller, but also water softeners, enabling accurate and cost effective spraying of product onto the target area.

When spraying a pesticide or liquid fertilizer to achieve an effective result, accurate application is essential. Trailblazer Trio can help the operator achieve this. The blue dye in Trailblazer Trio helps to indicate missed or overlapped areas, highlight the problem of spray drift as well as indicating leaks in spray equipment.

Application Rate

Apply in a range 20-50mls Trailblazer Trio per 20 litres of water. For use with water based products only. Read product label before use.

Pack Size

1 litre bottle.

Pack Coverage

Makes 1,000 litres of spray solution (1L).

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