Blockade LX Black Layer Treatment 10lt

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Blockade-LX is a liquid formulation for the treatment of Black Layer in sports and amenity turf and has a four-way mode of action. Blockade-LX can also be used for treating oil spillages on turf.

  • Improved activated carbon adsorbs poisonous gases
  • Contains a rooting bio-stimulant to assist rooting into and through Black Layer profiles
  • Enzymatic system degrades the anaerobic materials in the Black Layer
  • Highly active as the soil penetrant helps move the activated carbon into the Black Layer
  • Can be used to treat oil spillages on turf
  • Also available in a granular formulation

Active ingredients

Contains activated carbon, rooting biostimulant, soil penetrant and an enzymatic system.


Black Layer Treatment:

Preventative treatment: Apply at 5 litres/500m² Blockade-LX in 50 litres/500m² of water. Up to 4 applications depending on the potential for Black Layer

Curative treatment: Apply at 10 litres/500m² Blockade-LX in 50 litres/500m² of water. Apply 2-3 times in conjunction with mechanical aeration.

Blockade-LX can be used at any time of year but is particularly effective when applied in the winter months when wet conditions means Black Layer is prominent. Blockade-LX must be placed sub-surface within the Black Layer part of the turf profile, ideally by incorporating spiking or hollow tining operations to the correct depth. Read product label before use.

Oil Spillages:

Apply at 10 litres/500m² Blockade-LX in 50 litres/500m² of water.

It is essential to treat affected areas quickly after their occurrence to obtain optimum results.

Pack size

10 litre bottle.

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