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Magnet Velocite Liquid Iron 5lt

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Magnet Velocite is a complex liquid iron with a trace elements package for use on amenity turf. Magnet Velocite gives a prolonged and rapid enhancement of turf colour and also corrects iron and other trace element deficiencies.

  • Long term activity-up to 6 weeks from one application
  • Enhanced turf colour within 12 hours due to special penetrant system
  • No blackening of turf or unsightly application marks
  • Contains a comprehensive trace element package
  • Unique tank mixing compatibilities

Active ingredients

Contains chelated iron (4.9% Ferrous Sulphate + 1.34% FeEDTA) + leaf penetrant system + micronutrients package.

Application Rate

Apply at 20 litres/ha Magnet Velocite in 400-500 litres/ha of water any time of year including the winter months.

A repeat application may be required after 4-6 weeks to maintain desired colour. Ideally require a rain-free period of 2 hours after application. Read product label before use.

Magnet Velocite is compatible for tank mixing with products from the Specialities Range and the Microflow-CX liquid fertilizer range. Do not tank mix more than two products together in any one application.

Pack size

5 litre bottle

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