Iron Complex Turf Green Up 5lt

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Iron Complex is a liquid iron product. Iron Complex contains ferrous sulphate and gives a rapid green up to all types of amenity turf.

  • Rapid green up of the turf
  • Economical application of iron without added urea
  • Penetrating agent ensure optimum coverage and penetration of the iron component
  • Iron is complexed with citric acid to give a very effective response

Active ingredients:

Contains iron sulphate (7%Fe) + citric acid complex + penetrating agent.

Application Rate:

Apply at 40 litres/ha Iron Complex in 600 litres/ha of water.

Pack size:

5 litre bottle

Pack coverage:


  1. 5.000000
  2. 20.000000
  3. 40.000000
  4. LTS
  5. LT
  6. 2500.000000
  7. 1.000000
  8. 600.000000