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Kettering Cricket Loam Top Dressing 25Kg

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Kettering Cricket Loam has a manageable clay content balanced to provide a true playing surface and facilitate the turf sward management.

  • Kettering Cricket Loam is produced to a consistent mixture to ensure reliable results are achieved.
  • Typically 23 - 24% clay content giving a true playing surface with good ground cover.
  • Popular with schools and local authorities.

Kettering Cricket Loam is the ideal top dressing to maintain and repair cricket wickets during and at the end of the playing season.  It is a loam with a typical clay content of 24% and has been the main stay of local authority and school cricket pitches for many years. It is an ideal loam where a pitch is required to give a good surface while receiving a minimal amount of preparation.

Typical Particle Analysis:

Category Particle Diameter
Range (mm)
Typical % By
Weight Retained
Fine Gravel 5.0 - 2.0 1.0
Very Coarse Sand 2.0 – 1.02.0
Coarse Sand1.0 – 0.53.0
Medium Sand 0.5 – 0.25 13.0
Fine Sand 0.25 – 0.125 16.0
Very Fine Sand 0.125 – 0.0607.0
Silt 0.063 – 0.02035.0
Clay <0.02033
pH range Soil : Water7.1
Total Organic Matter (%) 5.0

Pack Size:

Available in 25Kg sacks.

Application Rate:

Variable dependent on type of operation, dry bulk density.

1.6 tonnes = 1 cu.mt. approx.

  1. 25.000000
  2. KG